Gnostic Lectures in Bristol

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology (GIA) delivers in Bristol new series of lectures about Gnostic esotericism will be given to all those interested in these topics (free admission).

Course 2024

-Saturday 24 February 2024

The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology in Bristol invites you to participate in a new Introductory course to inner self-knowledge, based on the study of meditation and universal gnosis.

When Confucius asked him about the Way, Lao-tzu said: Straighten your body, unify your vision, and the harmony of heaven will arrive. Concentrate your knowledge, rectify your assessment, and the spirit will come to abide. Virtue will be receptive to you, the Way will be there for you.
Gaze straight ahead like a newborn calf, without seeking the wherefore; let your body be like a withered tree and your mind like dead ashes. Realize genuine knowledge, and don’t use twisted reasoning. Keep yourself open, unminding, and you may attain clarity and all-around mastery. How could this be unknowing?

Therefore, the course is open to all kinds of people, regardless of their age, sex, race, nationality, religion, customs, etc.
If you are interested in this transcendental knowledge, we cordially invite you to our theoretical and practical classes.

The Lecture begins at 12:15 p.m. and ends at 14:00 p.m.

Please contact us by email or by text to reserve a place on the course if you would like to attend.
Each lecture will be accompanied by a meditation practice.

-Continues every Saturday-

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Venue: Wellspring Settlement

43 Ducie Road, Bristol, BS5 0AX

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