Gnostic Lectures in Bristol

Will deliver a new cycles of lectures about Gnostic esotericism for everyone interested in these topics (free admission).

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The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology (GIA) delivers in Bristol new Public Lectures.
Meditation is a Scientific system to receive inner information. When the sage is submerged into internal Meditation, it is because he is searching for information.
When the mind is quiet, when the mind is in silence, what is new, that which is real, comes to us.

Some topics covered in our courses:

Introduction to Gnosis
Psychological study of the human being
The two lines of life
The distinct laws that govern us
The awakening of consciousness
The parallel universes
The mysteries of life and death
Gnostic study of the mind
The law of Karma
Introduction to meditation
The era of Aquarius
Sound and mantras
Transformation of impressions
The Fourth Way
The world of dreams


Theme: The Science of Meditation
- Saturday 22nd September 2018
The Lecture begins at 12:15 p.m. and ends at 2:00 p.m.

Each lecture will be accompanied by a meditation practice.

-Continues every Saturday-

Venue: Barton Hill Settlement
Address: 43 Ducie Road, Bristol, BS5 0AX.
Public Transports:
- By Train, Lawrence Hill railway station.
- By Bus " 6,7,42,43,44,45,332 "
Stop - Lawrence Hill, Lawrence Hill Station (Stop a) or (Stop b) or (Stop c).
- Walking directions to Ducie Rd from Lawrence Hill Station "3 minutes":
Head south on Morton St toward Ducie Rd and turn left onto Ducie Rd.

For further information contact us on:

Tel: 07535366893 (best to send text)
Email: gnosis-inf@hotmail.com