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    Our Training Courses Include:

    Gnostic Anthropology and Cosmology
    Dream Yoga
    and Astral Travel
    Medicine and Healing
    Tarot and Kabbalah

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Welcome to the Gnostic Institute of Anthropology (GIA) in the UK. The GIA in the UK is a charity and worldwide is a not-for-profit organisation. This institution aims at the dissemination of Gnosis according to the teaching and guidance of its founders the V.M. Samael Aun Weor and V.M. Litelantes, directed by Mr. Osiris Gomez Garro, the son of the Venerable Masters, and his wife Mrs. Immaculada Ugartemendia.
We invite you to come and learn about these sacred teachings!

To Be or not to Be

" At this time humanity is faced with the dilemma of to Be or not to Be of philosophy, we need to define ourselves as men of real conscience facing ourselves to our own destiny. William Shakespeare the most important writer in English and one of the most celebrated in literature left us in his works a Universal Knowledge. Throughout the history many writers, philosophers, scientists, etc. have wanted to convey a Universal Knowledge which means that being this one a own knowledge of each them, however, it is a only knowledge, the knowledge of consciousness, the knowledge of Being. We need intimate self-realization of our own Being to become real Beings so that we can incarnate the Universal Knowledge. "

" There is no darkness but ignorance "
William Shakespeare

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